photoediting tools


photoediting tools

Cropping, rotating, zooming, contrast and other such tools have become a part of everyday conversations and more so with the rampant use of the cameras in our phones, people have a lot of photos to work with too. Given the constant evolution of how people socialise, online presence and look, have both become the order of the day, after all, a picture speaks a thousand words. Photo-editing is as integral as it is easy to helps achieve the desired ‘look’ for many. For those who are looking to tweak their photos, here are 10 free editing tools at their online disposal.

1. Picasa: Versatile enough to be used with Windows as well as Mac, Picasa makes editing and sharing of pictures really easy. It is possible to use it as a desktop application by itself too and it has quick and simple editing tools.

2. Fotor: Is one of the easiest photo editing software out there. User friendly interface that makes application of all the available tools and techniques very easy. It is compatible with Windows, Web, Mac  as well as iOS and Android.

3. Apple Photos: This one has some fascinating tools but takes a while for the user to get used to. The tools pack quite a powerful punch as they are programmed to translate the changes made in one devices to all the other related devices through the owner’s iCloud.

4. Pixlr: Users of Pixlr can definitely attest to its similarity to Adobe’s Photoshop. But Pixlr main advantage is it can be freely downloaded and used on any smartphone or tablet.

5. GIMP: GIMP is powerful but needs a skilled hand. It can really lend an edge to any image and works with Windows as well as Apple but can be a difficult to understand. Its extensive set of tools appear on the right side of the screen giving the user a full palette to work with.

6. Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition: Performing only on Windows, Serif PhotoPlus is a free version. The software gives the user a taste of things to come in the paid version of the software. It has a user friendly set up.

7. PhotoScape: Its layout spreads all the available tools in a circular arrangement and it has a dedicated GIF service so the user can, easily create a collage.

8 iPiccy: Almost like a sibling to Microsoft Paint, it has the usual range of editing tools, along with a whole lot more. There is a conspicuous absence of the undo button, which means any change cannot be reverted to the original image.

9. Sumopaint: It has features similar to some of the other software available and doesn’t always need the internet to work.

10. Is kind of like a new and improved version of MS Paint with the existing stock of editing tools accompanied by a handful more. Nothing fancy but it gets the job done for no charge

Happy Editing….