5 Excellent Examples of How to Make Portfolio for Modeling

How to make your Modeling Portfolio Standout?

Let’s get one thing straight – It’s 2016 and casting directors and agencies are not looking into the physical album to choose a model for their next project. Everyone eat’s and breaths digital medium. period.

It may seem overreacting. But I just want you to understand the dynamics of the current modeling industry and show business in general. Most of you agree that modeling industry has gone through a drastic change because of technology. Digital medium enables everyone to connect/share easily. But still, most of you don’t have a detailed & eye catchy portfolio to showcase your potential to the targeted people (agency, casting director).

Creating great portfolio is the first step towards achieving your goal. As we all are well aware of importance resumes/cv for getting jobs. Similar to that, having a great portfolio lands you better opportunity.

You don’t need to create a fresh website for your portfolio, take advantage of site like Page3artist.com for creating portfolio and apply for jobs right away. Don’t spend time on creating website as a newbie.

                     “Creating great modeling portfolio is SIMPLE but NOT easy”


Here is the list of things you should take care while portfolio.

Quality wins Quantity – As a model, you need great photos. But you don’t need a huge collection of photos. Pick the best from your collection and upload in profile. If you have friends who have an eye for picking good one. Then get their help in finding the best from your collection. Because it’s always good to have the 3rd eye to find your best.

If you have any budget constraint, no problem ask your friend who is interested in photography to take best versions of yours.

Target – Most of the people in modeling industry fails because they don’t unclear of they are trying to accomplish. Just saying “I want to be model” this will not take you any further. Try to figure out what kind of model you want to be. You don’t need to be very specific but little clarity makes you life easy.


If you want to attract high-end brands as clients, then make sure you photos reflect the same. But if you are looking for an acting/character artist role then try to add photos with different character portraits. So that it helps agencies to see that you are flexible and adaptable to situational needs.

Mention Your Previous Work- even if it’s minor work – Another huge mistake we notice from a huge number of people is not mentioning their previous work. You might have just posed for college magazine so you thought it’s not worth mentioning.

If you are not paid for something that doesn’t mean that it’s a low or easier job. It’s just an indication that you have a better photogenic face in your class and you have shown interest regardless of the money involved in it.

Adding your previous works gives confidence to the agency/casting director that you have previous experience in this field and you don’t need much time to teach the basics.

About Me Section – Trust me most people leave this blank. Though casting directors and agencies give higher priority to quality photo over other things. But having a small summary about yourself depsits clear picture about you as a person in real life. This adds huge value to film casting director to know you better. And you don’t need to write high fancy words here. Just two or three lines about your background, how you get into modeling and specify if you have any condition.

If you have read this blog till sentence then it clearly indicates you have higher interest in taking modeling/acting as career. As I stressed about importance of having great portfolio you can create great portofilo within 3 minutes in Page3artist and apply for modeling jobs. And on top of that you can share you portfolio link in all social media.

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