Aspirants’ guide to the world of modelling

There was a time when those who were blessed with great looks dreamed were advised to join the fashion or film industries. ‘You should become a model.’ used to be a common retort. Come to think of it, how easy or difficult is it for a novice to make a mark in this industry? Are drop dead gorgeous looks all what matters?


For someone who has no clue about the entertainment and fashion industry, making a kick ass first impression would be the biggest challenge. How can your portfolio be a cut above the rest? Competition isn’t an easy case, we tell you. How rich a person shall be to endure all the costs involved, right from the correct costumes for getting your looks and body sculpted?



But what matters the most is to be at the right place, at the right time. Yes! The right contacts make a lot of difference. For a newcomer, building contacts in the industry could be the toughest task. That is where an entity like Page3Artist comes to your rescue. A huge database of artists of all categories, recruiters who are looking out for artists of all kinds – this website could be the place where you could meet your mentor. This could be the place where you’ll find someone who can collaborate with, for the betterment of both parties. Showcase yourself, without any charges out there!

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