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Dealing with the Chaos of Making a Short Film

A short film is the stepping stone to the world of cinema for every budding filmmaker. Shoestring budgets, zero inventory and shortage of talent – the main concerns that await an aspiring short film maker. We researched a bit upon the checklist that one should keep before setting out to make a short film.



First and foremost, one ought to have a bound script in place – which is executable, significant and, most importantly, simple enough to connect in a short time frame. Avoid thinking in the feature film format. Do not go for stories that traverse through different periods or eras to avoid consistency glitches. A solid script can also attract investors, which are, again, hard to get.

A complete list of inventory would be the second aspect to be aware of. More than what you require, one should be aware of what you do not – which is a simple exercise to save money. Last but not the least, talent holds key in developing your short film to what you visualize it to be. Refrain from recruiting novices just for the sake of saving money. When it comes to actors and technicians your key should be to audition till you get it right. Sometimes you could come across with similar talents on platforms like Page3Artist. Collaborate with them and look at making a team that helps you learn and evolve during the process of film-making. Be actors, cinematographers, dancers, singers, sound designers, voice over artists – Page3Artist is one platform where you will find all of them.

If you have your script ready on table, now is the time to surf Pagae3artist. Here you go!


The Greasepaint Maestros

Be men or women, the right makeup can transform you. You could be a bride, a performer or a regular office-goer. The blend of foundations, rouges, eyeliners, concealers and others can do wonders for your self-confidence. But do you really know the nitty-gritties to delve into it yourself? Not necessarily. That’s where we have hair and makeup specialists for. Presenting a bunch of super-talented makeup artists, whose skills you could possibly explore:

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Meet the dancing wizards

There was a time when dancing was looked down upon. Everyone enjoyed it but the art form faced discrimination of being classified as something that isn’t ‘high art’. Times have changed, so have perceptions. Today, dancing is beyond an art form. It is an institution, a way of life for many. Different forms of dance are being discovered, developed and mastered as days pass. Here we present four absolutely brilliant performers who’ll make you stare agape!

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Formal Training – First Step to an Aspiring Artist’s Success

In this day and age, the word artist is taken so passively. Every other person who can sing rather tunefully pitches himself as a singer. The ones who are adept at shaking a leg at parties and events consider themselves as dancers. Not only will this trend let mediocrity creep in but the techniques of the respective arts go down the drain as well! Yes, we are talking about the importance of formal training.

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Recruit your entire crew – Right here

You could be a short film maker with highly specific talent requirements.
You could be an ad film maker looking for people from all age-groups, skills and ethnic backgrounds.

You could even be a music producer looking for a live orchestra for an impromptu gig coming up in a short time.

Where do you source your artists from? Knocking those regular doors and being quoted with an exorbitant sum is not a great idea.

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