Bold, Bolder, Boldest

Indian cinema seems to have grown a new spine in the past couple of years, given the kind of bold cinema making its way to the audiences. Vidya Balan’s Dirty Picture is yet another example that forces the question of how can they emote such behaviour on camera for the world and its brother to see. Actress Preeti Gupta is presently in the news for her nude pictures that have gone viral. When asked about her work she said, “Shooting such scenes needs dedication and discipline. It’s very challenging. The concept of the film made sense to me and that’s why we decided to show the truth of the situation. Ultimately, we were trying to recreate two hours of reality. Our intention is not to titillate but to show you the truth. It needs courage.”


It does take courage and absolute conviction to even say a dialogue in front of the camera, knowing that all that is said and done will be seen and judged by the world and its brother. It isn’t easy to bring out the right emotion knowing the amount of scrutiny that will be made on even the slightest twitch of an eyelash. Some people are just shy of interacting with other people, but shyness just like fear can be overcome. As is always said – IT IS ALL IN THE MIND.

People can be shy either because they perceive themselves lesser than those around them or because they perceive the people around them to be more frightening. A very common example is when a boy has a crush on the most good-looking girl in the class or vice-versa. They find it difficult to walk up to them and say ‘Hi’. To start the process of overcoming shyness, it is important to build up a reservoir of confidence. The key to anchoring that confidence and never letting go, is by believing in oneself.

1) Make a list of what you believe are your personal strengths.

2) Each day try and do one thing that you love to do, at least once – singing, dancing, writing, whatever it may be – do it without any thought to what someone would think about you.

3) Spend quality time with family and friends.

Starting out with the above will help you realise what you have and with it comes a feeling of contentment. It literally helps erase the influences of the past from your mind. Now it is easier to take on challenges and goals because you know yourself and you know that you have people you call your own who will always be on your side.

As an actor, it is important to go one step further, after building this foundation. It is important to cultivate your imagination to help you to put yourself in the shoes of another person, with their mindset in order to truly emote how they would react to a situation. Again blank your mind, and concentrate on all that you know about the character. Start saying the lines like the character would with the gestures the person might do. In front of a mirror or friends will give you a clearer idea of any fine tuning that might be required. When standing in front of a camera visualise the same set of friends or mirror and lose yourself to the quirks of the role you are playing. Constant practise will only add to your skill.