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The Greasepaint Maestros

Be men or women, the right makeup can transform you. You could be a bride, a performer or a regular office-goer. The blend of foundations, rouges, eyeliners, concealers and others can do wonders for your self-confidence. But do you really know the nitty-gritties to delve into it yourself? Not necessarily. That’s where we have hair and makeup specialists for. Presenting a bunch of super-talented makeup artists, whose skills you could possibly explore:

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Meet the dancing wizards

There was a time when dancing was looked down upon. Everyone enjoyed it but the art form faced discrimination of being classified as something that isn’t ‘high art’. Times have changed, so have perceptions. Today, dancing is beyond an art form. It is an institution, a way of life for many. Different forms of dance are being discovered, developed and mastered as days pass. Here we present four absolutely brilliant performers who’ll make you stare agape!

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