Faq - Artist, Client, Trust & Safety


1) As an artist, how do I become a part of Page3artist?

Please create your profile at Page3artist.com or email the profile at casting@page3artist.com. For beginners needing career advise, portfolio management or grooming can visit us in our office or call at 7795040626

2) Do you provide model grooming?


3Do you provide castings?


4) Where is your office located?

Koramangala, Bangalore

5) Do you promote musicians or dancers?


6) Will I get regular work through Page3artist?

Depends on your profile, experience & our requirements. Better portfolio leads to more opportunities.

7) Do you charge fee?

For registration, no. For castings and assignments, we do charge commission fee.

For any questions, call 7795040626 / 9741940626 or email casting@page3artist.com