Join as Model

Getting work in acting or modeling involves some effort and persistence.

Below are the main eligibility criteria:

  1.  Grooming
  2.  Professional Portfolio
  3.  Training in modeling / acting



Newcomers / Semi professionals / Intermediates : If you are a new comer or an intermediate, you may visit us to understand the selection criteria and to get feedback on your talent and looks. Meeting is mandatory in order to evaluate your profile. For appointment you may call us at 9741940626 or 7795040626, 10 am to 7pm, Monday to Sunday.

Advanced / Professional : If you are a professional model, please send us your portfolio, profile video and work links via email or whats app (, 7795040626 / 9741940626). Professional models must mandatorily send relevant work experience links. This includes your work links for print ads, video ads, runways, films, tv shows etc.

The below cannot be considered as valid work links

1) Collaboration portfolios

2) College level fashion events

3) Participation in beauty pageants



  • Q) Is there any fees for meeting?
    A) There is no meeting fee. You can come and meet us free of charge.
  • Q) Is there any fees for joining?
    A) There is no joining fee for professional models. However portfolios & training are chargeable.
  • Q) What are the charges for a Portfolio shoot?
    A) The basic portfolio charges ranges from 12000 INR to 20000 INR for Adults  & 7000  INR to 10000 INR for Kids. For detailed information on looks, makeup, styling, sessions  etc..  you may call or visit us.
  • Q) Do you provide training as well?
    A) Yes we provide a comprehensive training to prepare the artist for what is to come. The training covers topics such as posing, expressions, grooming and auditioning skills.
  • Q) Is the work assured for all the models?
    A) This is a very competitive industry, hence we will not be able to assure work to each and every individual. But we do try our best to help artist by giving them the required training to perform better and get noticed. The selection for an ad or film is based on various parameters such as model looks and talent, competition, model availability etc. An artist has to meet the requirement criteria to get the work. The selections are done by the client for their brand or company.
  • Q) I have participated in beauty pageants and fashion shows. Can I show that experience to be considered as a professional model and get an opportunity in print or TVC?
    A) For any TVC, a client would want to see some experience in video commercials. For prints you need to have ads in print medium. This helps the client to get a better idea of your acting skills or posing skills. Fashion show pictures and experience are mainly good to apply for fashion shows and don’t really help for print or TVC. In case you don’t relevant experience in print or videos, then a professional portfolio along with video links should help.
  • Q) I have few pictures clicked by professional photographers, Can I apply or get work through your agency?
    A) If you have substantial work experience in commercials, we can help you get work. Without work experience it is not possible for us to promote you. We need to understand your skill set (posing, expressions, acting, grooming, communication) before we recommend you to any client. In case you are a newcomer, with just with a few pictures, it is difficult for us to recommend your profile to a client directly. We request you to visit us for a profile evaluation.
  • Q Do you accept only Bangalore based artists?
    A) Most of our projects and castings are in Bangalore. If you are a professional model from other city, you can share your profile with us. If you are new comer, you may reach out to us at along with your pictures.
  • Q) Is height a constraint for modeling ?
    A) There is no such height constraints. The requirements vary based on the shoot.  For example, a cosmetic brand or a hair product does not demand tall models. Many of the  TV commercial or print commercial do not have any height criteria. In some cases, such as fashion show or print, height might be an important criteria.
  • Q) Is age a constraint?
    A) Age is not a barrier. The requirement is for actors of all age groups in TV commercial, print commercial and films. We have casted actors starting from a month old baby to an 80 year old artist.
  • Q) Can I work part time in this field?
    A) Most of TV ads, print ads or fashion shows only require a day or two. Hence, it can be done part time. You need to manage the schedule accordingly.
    For films, TV serials, especially for lead roles and main supporting cast, a time bound contract is in place, hence you will have to be prepared to work full time in Films/Serials.
  • Q) How much can I expect to earn for each assignment?
    A) Professional model with a minimum of 10-15 commercials or 2-3 years of    experience can expect to earn around Rs.7000 to Rs.25000 per day, (based on the client’s budget). However, it is important to show relevant work experience links to the client. For Newcomers or Intermediates, the earning depends on the model’s talent and grooming. Due to the lack of experience or limited experience, most clients may not be willing to pay as much as they would pay for experienced models. Consider your first 5 or 10 Ads as experience building, after which you can expect to earn more.

All models can register on our website to get noticed   and receive   broadcast emails. Models with a proper portfolio will get more attention.