Meet the dancing wizards

There was a time when dancing was looked down upon. Everyone enjoyed it but the art form faced discrimination of being classified as something that isn’t ‘high art’. Times have changed, so have perceptions. Today, dancing is beyond an art form. It is an institution, a way of life for many. Different forms of dance are being discovered, developed and mastered as days pass. Here we present four absolutely brilliant performers who’ll make you stare agape!

Ipsita Chowdhury

Ipsita Chowdhury from Kolkata is a proficient classical dancer. She has been taking training under guru Dona Ganguly for the past 10 years. Dancing, for Ipsita, was a passion since childhood.

Ipsita’s penchant for the mudras took her to renowned Indian and international festivals viz. Konark Festival , Taj Mahotsav, Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav, Talcherry Beach Festival , Naveen Kalakar Festival, Cuttack International Festival, Dover Lane music conference etc. She was awarded the Odissi Jyoti Award and National Nritya Mani Award by the Odisha Government.


Siddanand Renu Kumar

He was 9 when he first felt the rush for dance. Siddanand’s free style Jazz teacher mentioned him to the other teachers saying he wasn’t quitting his job and how he was inspired to do more because of students like him. Those words for a 9 year old then meant no looking back for Siddanand. The more he danced, the more he fell in love with it. In two years he had his own team and by 15, he was choreographing groups as big as 60 students. By then it wasn’t just passion for him, but was a way of life. A professional dancer was definitely not what his parents wanted their son to grow up to be but they were selfless enough not to discourage him.

For the next few years he was learning and teaching with all top Jazz, Hip-hop, Salsa and Contemporary dance companies and Instructors in Bangalore.Today he owns a company called ‘The Jazz Factory’ which promotes Jazz and also train dancers of different genres in strong fundamental techniques and body awareness.


Julie Masih

Julie is a danseuse, choreographer and fitness instructor with a decade of experience in western, classical and contemporary styles. Today she runs the renowned dance academy in Bangalore called Rhythmic Feet Dance Academy.

Dance runs in Julie’s veins. Her passion is not just to achieve greater heights as a dancer herself but also to take her academy to brighter horizons. She has been featured on NDTV, Star, Aaj Tak, ETV, ETC Punjabi among others. Julie also conducts fitness classes based on dance viz. aerobics, Zumba and belly dancing.


Harshit Khera

Harshit is a dance wizard for life. Having picked up an aptitude to get on the dance floors at an early age, Harshit is a master in several dance forms today. As they say, practice makes one versatile!

Harshit represents his dance troupe – Matrix Dance Crew. This incredible group has performed a show called ‘Hindustan Ka Big Star’ in Big Magic Channel. They are adept in hip hop, freestyle and urban dance forms.