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Mumbai is the city where dreams bloom! The city where the paparazzi hound starlets. Yes, photographers literally paint this town red. Page3Artist presents a handful of quirky, unique shutterbugs with a definite voice of their own. Read on:

Sudeep Mehta

In his own words, Sudeep has an insane shutterbug in him! He has been in the domain for nearly 7 years. Having vast experience of shooting various weddings, portraits & products in India, USA, Mexico, over the Caribbean Islands and on, this job makes him live a different life every day and it’s an amazing lifestyle, he reckons. Today, he is one of the renowned photographers from National Geographic.  With over 150 international awards and about 6 international exhibitions and publications to his credit, Sudeep could just be your go to person for photography assignments in Mumbai.


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Prashant Dubey 

An architect by degree, Prashant is a professional photographer with 8+ years of experience. His domains of interest are as varied as fashion, architecture, product, food, automobile, events, landscape, travel, concept shoots, wedding videos and many more. His vivid portfolio includes fabulous shots of food, nature and some of our leading celebrities as well! His architectural photo shoots for magazines and websites portray his versatility to the hilt.

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 Rohan Tandel

The city of dreams, Mumbai, is not devoid of photographers of any experience levels. Meet Rohan Tandel from the city who specializes in fashion, event and lifestyle photography. Having completed his course from National Institute of Photography, Rohan is adept with the frame game.
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