Page3Artist Showcase – Deejay Tishya Ghosh

A woman DJ – Now that’s not quite a common trend in India. We recently got to speak to the talented Tishya Ghosh who has carved a niche of her own in this male-dominated segment




Excerpts from the chat:
1) How easy or difficult is it for a woman DJ to make a mark in the industry?
Deejaying has always been a male dominated industry. But since last 3 years there are a number of the female DJs coming up, in good numbers. It is not easy to make a mark and stand out in this industry, but not too difficult either. If one has the will, she will find the way. If a male DJ can make a crowd of thousands dance to his beats then why can’t a woman? In fact, I feel the crowd turnout on the name of a female DJ is even more impressive in comparison to a male DJ performing.


2) Which city are you based in? Do you travel for work?
Being a girl from the city of joy – Kolkata – where too many opportunities do not await for a female performer. Still, I could manage to make a name for myself in this industry with my hard work and dedication. I have traveled across India and even abroad for my performances. and this ends on average of 50-70 events per year.


3) How long have you been in the industry? What triggered this passion in you?
I belong to a Bengali family where music where music runs in their blood. I always had this inclination to be a public performer, right from a very small age. But due to various reasons, I couldn’t get the grip of the right chords at an early age. Anyhow, destiny had the plans set for me .I listened to my heart the moment I saw a DJ performing live infront of 10,000+ strong crowd. With solid support and right guidance, I could make my name in this industry and my guiding light is none other than DJ Navneet.


4) You message to other young girls who are interested in a deejaying career.
My message to all the young girls out there who wants to be a DJ is to just be themselves. Stay calm and believe that nothing is impossible. We equally deserve to be in this industry as much as the male DJs do. Even we have it in us to send the crowd mad and is not just by our latkas jhatkas but with the magic of music. Work hard, be original and never compromise.


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