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Meet Khwab Arora! The vivacious model from the city of Chandigarh. Stylish, passionate and driven – she is all set to climb the ladders of success.


Excerpts from the chat

1) Tell us about your childhood. Did the modelling bug bite you at an early age?
I have been my mommy’s princess since childhood. She instilled in me an interest in art from an early age. Eventually i developed an interest in dance and I started to model at the age of 16 to fund my penchant for dance. I was told that the camera loves me and thus I started loving it back ever since. I started vlogging too. You can check it out at:


2) What has been you best experience so far in the industry?
Well, I did an ad promo shoot for Ireo Waterfront Ludhiana. What I loved about the assignment was that I got to meet a super-hardworking crew there. They were punctual and professional, which in turn made imbibe those values in my life.


3) TVCs/print ads or ramp shows? What do you prefer? 
TVC or print, anytime.


4) Any inclination to join films?
Bollywood, sure is my last stop!


5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Probably shooting and chilling with my most favourite star Salman Khan ;) ;)


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