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Priyanka Modh has been an avid photographer since three years now. For her, passion for photography started as a hobby. She found it fulfilling to capture emotions, special moments and memories on her camera lens. Today, photography has evolved to be the ultimate love of her life. In these three years, she could capture a lot of quirky shots of people, events, family functions, weddings and pre-weddings, newborns, kids etc from both commercial and non commercial avenues

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Excerpts from a short chat with the Ahmedabad-based photographer:

1) When did you take a liking to photography?
I used to work for an NGO. There I saw how slum people live, the problems they face, how they manage money and where their kids study. I got to feel the emotion in people’s faces and gestures.
Then I realized one thing, that I have the power to freeze time. I can make memories. That’s when I developed a serious liking towards this subject.


2) What do you think is your USP? The aspect that sets her apart from other shutter bugs.

My USP I think, is to be able to capture emotions. Whenever I click, I always feel the environment around the shot. The way light and colours effect the subject. The way lensing emphasizes or de-emphasizes emotion. The way framing and composition enhances the story of a picture. This way I always try to capture people in their real moments which they can cherish for their entire life.


3) Which is your favourite genre of photography?
I like kids and street photography. Fine arts photography is yet another category that excites me.


4) Which camera do you use?
Canon 600D mostly. However, it largely depends on the purpose I am taking the photographs for, cliental needs or my subject. So sometimes I use Canon 5D or Canon 60D. At the end my moto is to fulfill the requirements of my client.


5) Today we have several women photographers like Signe Vilstrup making a mark in the male-centric industry. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I am seeing my self in others’ memories. We can’t hold the time but I can hold some frames from people’s life. I just want people to know me as a photographer who cherished their moments with them beautifully. Nothing is greater than that in five years or even in a lifetime.


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Priyanka’s message to Audience :- You can’t hold time. Your memories shall fade with time. So live your life for each and every moment. Frame each and every second if you can so that you can cherish them later…