Recruit your entire crew – Right here

You could be a short film maker with highly specific talent requirements.
You could be an ad film maker looking for people from all age-groups, skills and ethnic backgrounds.

You could even be a music producer looking for a live orchestra for an impromptu gig coming up in a short time.

Where do you source your artists from? Knocking those regular doors and being quoted with an exorbitant sum is not a great idea.


That is precisely where a unique entity like Page3Artist come to your rescue. With more than XYZ (number) categories of artists in our portfolio, Page3Artist is a well-equipped portal that can help you with all your artist requirements.



All you need to do is to surf through our categories, pick artists based on their experience levels, audition and hire them as per your requirements. Our range varies from singers, dancers, choreographers and DJs to photographers, writers, technicians, junior artists, assistant directors, stunt doubles and many more.

Visit us at and make your artist-hunting process simpler.