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music bands

We’ve all hummed and crooned along with chart topping numbers like ‘Krishna nee begane baro by Colonial Cousins or ‘Kya Soorat hai…’ by Bombay Vikings. Over time, a lot of Indian music bands have come, sung and conquered. They have given songs that are still remembered with nostalgia and stored in our music devices to be listened to again and again. There are quite a few Indian bands though who have managed to fuse Indian and western music and created such a niche for themselves, that they are well-known, even in other countries for their particular variety of compositions. Some of the bands that have topped music charts are:

Indian Ocean: Originating in 1990 in New Delhi, this band is often referred to as the pioneer of the Fusion Rock genre in our subcontinent. Susmit Sen and Asheem Chakravarty got together with Rahul Ram and Amit Kilam to breathe life into this musical variety. Their particular brand of fusion music involves amalgamating traditional raga with rock music and instruments. They have been known to use Indian folk songs in their compositions as well.

Parikrama: Is a rock and roll band that is yet to release an individual album of their own although they have produced a lot of original singles and have also performed live at many events. The lead singer of the band is Nitin Malik who is accompanied by Sonam Sherpa at the guitar and Subir Malik at the organist, synthesizers among others. Having made music for over two decades, the band has a rich and loyal fan base.

Advaita: Also from the nation’s capital, Advaita’s are a league of their own in creating Indian Rock music which bellies the rich heritage of Indian classical music. Ujwal Nagar’s vocals are seamlessly blended with western vocals by Chayan Adhikari and instruments such as bass, tabla and guitars. Songs like ‘Ghir Ghir aaye badariya kaali…have a melody that is both haunting and soothing at the same time compelling the listener to dance.

Euphoria: Having literally ruled the 90’s with songs like “Kabhi aana tu meri gali…”, “Maeri…”, “Dhoom Pichuk Dhoom..” this band proved that its name is very apt for the music that they make. Palash Sen who is the one who sings all the songs in this band is famous for his music, his looks and his dabble in the Hindi Film Industry with movies like ‘Filhaal’ and ‘Aisa Yeh Jahaan’ which was recently released.

Kailasa: Borrowing its name from its principal founder and popular singer Kailash Kher, the band Kailasa is known and greatly appreciated for roping together Rock music and Sufi notes with a distinct thread of folk influences. The albums – Jhoomo Re and Chandan Mein won hearts within no time and are still repeatedly listened to by a multitude of the musically inclined populace. Kailash Kher’s singing has been refreshing as part of many Hindi movie songs and TV adverts as well.

Everyone who listens to these bands can’t deny the harmonious power that they wield with their soulful music. The notes linger… long after the singers have faded from memory.