model bag

The Model Bag

model bag

Models, men and women, go where the job takes them and therefore do travel a lot. Given the nature of their profession, it also comes to pass that their face and hair suffer through a lot with the multiple make up applications and hair styling products. It takes a lot of effort, to then, take care of their skin, their hair, their diet and many times their sanity too. It really helps to keep a well-stocked bag alongside with all the essentials that will help instantly revive tired skin, hair and refresh the mind in between shoots.

It is also quite common for many models to ask what they need to bring with them to a photo shoot. Coming prepared not only helps the model feel more confident, but is also a sign of professionalism and photographers and directors are more likely to prefer a model who is prepared for every situation. Since the subject deals with the volume of travelling done by a model, here are 15 things that are not too heavy and yet do the requisite when it comes to helping a model look and feel their best before a shoot.

1) A small assortment of makeup remover, moisturiser and lip balm. It is also possible to get small travel size containers to carry all of it in. This applies for the men too. Packing in a bronzer/ foundation that suits  your skin  tone is always a plus.

2) Directions to the shoot. This one is kind of obvious but it comes in second because if a model looks like something the dog just dragged in, its best they don’t bother turning up for a shoot at all.

3) Portfolio: While the interview may be over, and you may have the job it helps to keep your portfolio with you at all times, as you never know if there is someone who would like to approach you for another job on set.

4) Water: It’s the best thing for your skin, hair and overall well-being. Plus it will help keep away hunger pangs if a shoot goes a bit longer than expected.

5) Hair sprays, balms, brushes and combs. Women will need to carry bobby pins too. Having some will also help fix your hair between shoots.

6) Flat comfortable footwear (for women): Walking in heals all day can be painful. Keeping a pair of comfortable flats in the bag will help you relieve the pain when you are not on set/runway.

7) Cell phone charger: While taking a call or messaging during the shoot is unprofessional, it helps to keep the phone switched off but charging. You never know when an important call might come through.

8) Thank you cards: Building relations is very important in this industry. Leaving a thank you card will help them remember you when they might be short of models the next time or even in an interview.

A bag with all of the above, will undoubtedly take you places.