Understanding New faces in India’s Performing Arts industry

Erasing the struggler tag. Once and for all.

Every industry anticipates fresh, bright talent who will not only give the established ones a run for their monies but also will their rawness hit us like the aroma of morning coffee. Well, now the question is whether they have it easy to make their presence felt. Be cinema, modelling, music or any related field involving performing arts, freshers face a tough time projecting what they have in store. Very often do we hear terms such as ‘one film wonders’ and about super-talented artists who couldn’t make it big in their respective industries. No, blaming the destiny is passé but the performing arts industry in India, in stark words, is quite inconsiderate to the ones without significant contacts. They end up looking for the right channels to push their talent across but in vain. Most of us must have heard about talent management firms and the likes but do we know the tedious procedure, industry politics and the money that goes into making a good career though such organizations? Many of us sacrifice our passion for performing arts and resort to other professions precisely due to the lack of such a mentor.

All an aspirant requires to stay himself afloat in that initial phase is a mentor. A solid guiding force that can spearhead his or her career to the right track. With internet forming the part and parcel of our everyday life now, what else can be better than an online job portal for performing artists of all talents? We present to you an absolutely innovative online talent management company,Page3Artist, for performers of all kinds – singers, musicians,actors, models, DJs, dancers, photographers. We provide you a platform to present yourself in style. Upload your images, videos, recordings, portfolios and related content only to get yourself connected to the right people in the industry who are looking for dew fresh talent. Employers can heave a sigh of relief as we offer them a platform as well, to present themselves and post their intricate requirements. Given the kind of database that we are building up with fresh and upcoming artists, the rest assured that you would not be hassled at your auditions for the right talents. And here’s the catch!Page3Artist (also known as P3A) is an absolutely free service. We intend to discover, promote and create employment for worthy artists across India. Our ethos has its foundation in the fact that no real talent deserves to walk the sunset without being given a real chance that he/she truly deserves. We do not just get you work, but multiple opportunities and enormous possibilities. You never know… you may end up discovering your mentor or muse at P3A!

Our website,, will be launched in the month of August 2015. All you can do as artiste today is to get listed and join our huge database of aspiring and experienced artists/employers looking for the right contacts. The website will allow you to have a separate showcase page with your specialty skills being presented in form of images, recordings (audio and video) among others. These profiles will then by seen by top film makers, casting agencies and all the talent hunters across India. Join us and erase the struggler tag once & for all. If you have the talent, we help you connect.