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Acting, often a natural inclination for many, is an art that benefits greatly from professional guidance. New actors must learn to excel in a professional setting, where props, lighting, and a crew come into play. Our Acting Workshop is meticulously designed to enhance your performance at auditions by equipping you with a deep understanding of the fundamental and technical aspects of acting. We aim to empower you to showcase your best self when you step into the spotlight.

Page3Artist regularly hosts monthly Acting Workshops and full-time Acting Courses in Bangalore, tailored for aspiring actors. These workshops serve as a treasure trove of knowledge, offering insights into various facets of acting. You will gain the ability to immerse yourself fully in the roles you portray, bringing characters to life authentically. Acting is not solely an innate talent; it’s a craft that can be learned and mastered. Page3Artist imparts comprehensive Acting methodology applicable to various forms of performance, including Films, TV Serials, TV Ads, Digital Ads, Product Videos, Video Blogging, and Theatres.

In the competitive world of auditions, aspiring actors must possess a strong foundation in acting basics. This knowledge allows you to adapt to various roles and characters even with limited preparation time. Acting encompasses a multitude of aspects, and we offer a professional environment where you can hone these techniques. Participation in Page3Artist’s acting training and workshops substantially improves your chances of securing better acting opportunities. Every aspiring actor must be prepared for their journey, which includes professional training. Once you’re ready to take the stage, Page3Artist can facilitate casting opportunities.

Course Details

Acting Course – Weekend Batch

  • Duration: 1.5 months
  • Days: Saturday & Sunday
  • Level: Basics + Advanced

5-Day Acting Workshop

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Days: 3 Weekend
  • Level: Basics

Unveil your acting potential with Page3Artist’s guidance and elevate your performance to new heights.

1.5-Month Weekend Acting Course Curriculum

Week 1-2: Introduction to Acting

  • Understanding the essence of acting
  • Differentiating stage and screen acting
  • Building self-confidence as an actor

Week 3-4: Character Analysis

  • Analyzing and understanding character motives
  • Developing empathy for characters
  • Creating character backstories

Week 5-6: Script Analysis

  • Breaking down scripts effectively
  • Identifying character objectives and obstacles
  • Exploring subtext

Week 7-8: Voice and Diction

  • Vocal exercises and warm-ups
  • Articulation and projection
  • Voice modulation and control

Week 9-10: Body Language and Movement

  • Physicality in acting
  • Gestures, postures, and body awareness
  • Developing a character’s physicality

Week 11-12: Emotional Range

  • Expressing a range of emotions believably
  • Emotional memory and recall
  • Techniques for accessing emotions on cue

Week 13-14: Improvisation

  • Enhancing spontaneity and creativity
  • Improv games and exercises
  • Incorporating improvisation into scenes

Week 15: Scene Study and Performance

  • Scene rehearsals and blocking
  • On-stage presence and audience connection
  • Final scene performances and feedback

Course Highlights

  • Regular acting exercises and practice sessions
  • Scene work with scene partners
  • Character development projects
  • Monologue preparation and performance
  • Guest sessions with experienced actors and directors
  • Mock auditions and feedback sessions
  • Acting for various mediums: stage, screen, and digital
  • Showcase performance at the end of the course

This 1.5-month Acting Course is designed to provide aspiring actors with essential acting techniques, character development skills, and performance experience. It offers a condensed but comprehensive curriculum to prepare students for a career in acting across different mediums.


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