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Every successful model have to start with the basics. We guide you and train you to become a successful model. Page3Artist is one of the top modelling institutes in Bangalore. Modelling is a profession. Whether you are a fresher or an intermediate model there is hope and scope for you to get good breaks in the fashion industry and world of media. The Page3Artist Modelling Academy in Bangalore conducts modelling courses for new models.

The course comprises of 10 sessions

Course Duration:

15 Days

30 Days

60 Days

The topics we cover in the course are
  • Model grooming
  • Model Posing
  • Facial expressions
  • Communication
  • Videos
  • Networking
  • Ramp training
  • Auditioning


Every model needs to be groomed irrespective of how perfect you think you are.


Posing is an important skill for each model. When you pose you have to align various parts of your body to project an attractive image. This also means showcasing your attractive features and downplaying your flaws.


You learn the different facial expressions and how to show different emotions using expressions. Each part of your face especially eyes play a crucial role in your expression.


We give training on how to walk the ramp and the technicalities associated with it. The pause, your expression, body language etc. have to be in perfect synchronisation.When you are on the ramp, you are in the spotlight and your every move is being watched.


An audition is a setup where you are asked to show your charm and talent in front of a few people who will judge your capability and suitability for their requirement. We prepare you for auditions and how to perform.

After attending the training sessions at our modeling academy in Bangalore you will be ready to start your professional career as a model.

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