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History of photography and camera
Different types of photography
Different kinds of cameras formats (Types and sizes of the sensor)
Operating DSLR / Mirrorless cameras and their inner secrets
Different types of Lens and outputs
Depth of field and compatibility
Exposure (Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO)
Different modes of shooting
Camera settings: white balance, Metering
File formats
Photographers: Duties & responsibilities
Opportunities and Avenues
Q & A at end of every session

Controlled light (studio lighting) for Fashion / Portfolios./ E-

Theory on studio light for fashion / portfolio
Introduction to indoor fashion / portfolio photography.
Introduction to shooting for e commerce application.
Demonstration of different kinds of lights used for High fashion.
Understanding different kinds of lighting scenarios.
Understanding Background.
Mood lighting and its impact.

Practicals on studio light for fashion/portfolio 

Preparing for fashion / portfolio shoot
Demonstration of strobe lights and flash lights used at studio.
Demonstration of important accessories and its application.
Demonstration of important light modifiers.
Students will observe a basic light scenario of a model shooting.

Natural Light – for Fashion / Portfolios.

Introduction to outdoor fashion / portfolio photography.
Different kinds of light during the day (color temperature variations and impact)
Demonstration of different kinds of light modifiers.
Working and mixing of flash light with natural light.

Practical on natural light for fashion / portfolio

Students will experiment outdoor shoot on their own with their models and
present the final output for review and evaluation.

Controlled light (studio lighting) for Still Life.

Studio Light – Still life.
Theory on studio light still life
Introduction to Still life photography.
Demonstration of different kinds of light used for still life.
Demonstration of different kinds of light modifiers.

Practical on studio light still life

Preparing for a Table top photoshoot.
Students will observe a basic light scenario of a still life shooting.

Natural Light – Still life

Theory on natural light – Still life
Introduction to outdoor still life photography.
Different kinds of light during the day (color temperature variations and impact)
Demonstration of different kinds of light modifiers.


Students will experiment outdoor shooting still life on their own and present the
final output for review and evaluation.

Digital Work Flow: Post production work on different platform

Theory on digital workflow

Information about different kinds of files and its advantages
Demonstration of few production techniques.
Finishing files for various kinds of applications (Web, Print, Hoardings,
Ecommerce etc)
Data storage and management.

Final Presentation / Test / Certification and conclusion

Students should bring a printed copy of outdoor photography for evaluation and
review purpose

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Who is eligible for this course? As the medium of instructions is in English, anyone who can read, understand and write English are eligible.
2. What is the kind of camera we need to carry? You are supposed to carry any any DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) or Mirrorless camera for this course.
3. Can I carry Aim and Shoot camera? No. As this is a professional course Aim and Shoot cameras cannot be used.
4. What are the lens we are supposed bring along with the camera? Any Telephoto lens which reasonably covers wide angle and tele is sufficient. Ex: 18-55, 24 – 105, 18-135.
5. How many batteries should I carry? One fully charged battery is sufficient as long as it holds the charge.
6. What capacity of memory card I should carry? A 32 GB memory card is sufficient.
7. What is the price for this course? ………
8. Do the institute take us out for outdoor Shoot? No. The students should carry out their own outdoor shooting as per the instructions of the mentor and submit the images for review and assessment.
9. What will we understand in Practical classes? You will see and understand how to light up for, professional model shoot, E-Commerce shoot and Still Life shots.
10. Will there be a break in between the class? Yes, short duration class will have tea break every 2 hours and day class will have lunch and tea breaks.

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